There are a great number of different creatures, from mammals to monsters to humanoids, in Eldevin, who the player can attack and get attacked by.

Loot dropsEdit

Creatures often drop loot bags when killed, which can contain anything from General Loot to equipment to gatherable items and quest items.

  • The color of the sparkles above the loot bag will give you a hint of the rarity of the item(s) inside. Grey = mundane (General Loot), white = common (food items), green = fine (potions, equipment), blue = rare (gems, rare equipment, Fusion Powder), gold = heroic (quest items, heroic equipment).
  • Quest items will only drop when you're in the relevant stage of a quest and you will not get a drop on each kill.
  • Dropped equipment depends to the level of the killed creature (+/-1 level), so for example Wild Pigs will never drop any equipment of level 4 or higher. Other than that, equipment drops seem to be random, i.e. all creatures of the same level have the same chance of dropping the same equipment.


All creatures have a level, which generally defines how much attack power and health they have — you should be able to kill creatures of a level that's equal to or less than your own character level. Depending on your equipment, potions, buffs, and playing skill, you may be able to kill higher level creatures as well.

Creatures usually inhabit areas that correspond to their level, for example in Crystal Coast you can only find creatures of levels 16 to 17.


Creatures can be either passive or aggressive. Aggressive creatures will attack you when you get close to them. Passive creatures will only turn aggressive when you have started attacking them. One exception is the Thorned Basilisk, who is usually passive, but will turn aggressive when you collect resources near them.

Creatures will start to lose their aggression towards you as you out-level them, meaning you will have to be closer and closer to them for them to notice and attack you, until they are way below your level and lose their aggression towards you completely. Although there are exceptions from this rule (i.e. the undead in the Lost City of Garai), so don't feel too safe ;)

Species and factionsEdit

All creatures belong to a species or a faction (the few who don't are classified here as unaffiliated). Some species for example are mammals, reptiles, and crustaceans. Some factions for example are the Plagued and the Crimson Macabre. With enemy factions you can earn negative reputation.


A lot of creatures are skinnable. If your Skinning skill level is equal to or higher than the level of the skinnable creature, then you can skin them, provided you have a Skinning Knife in your inventory. All mammals typically provide hides and skins and meat when skinned, some other species may only drop meat or only skin and meat.