Illaneska is an island off the east coast of the Eldevin Kingdom. It can be accessed by boat from Crannoch Harbor and Greenreef Isle.


NPCs outside buildingsEdit

Harbor area (north to south)Edit

Central SquareEdit

  • Combat Trainer
  • Miston, sells armor and weapons
  • Illaneska Homestone teleportation circle
    • Illaneska Homestone Marshal, can tune your Homestone to Illaneska
  • Deensil (quest ?)
  • Midori, sells supplies for Farming, buys items
  • Abbott, sells components and tools for crafting

Southern AreaEdit

  • Tevarius, at the wall near the stairs to the lighthouse (quest [28] Assisting the Watch)
  • 2 Protectors
  • Scout Lati
  • 4 Protectors, guarding the palace

Eastern PromenadeEdit

Eastern WayEdit

between The Finest Cut and Illaneska Barracks