Professions can be divided into two categories: gathering professions and crafting professions. The maximum level for all professions is currently 49, and it is likely to rise along with the character level maximum to level 50 in a future game update. All professions take the same amount of skill XP to level up. Skill levels are independent of your character level.

There exist Apprentice Trainers for all 14 professions, they give out daily skill quests. The dailies reset at 1pm GMT. Completing skill quests will earn you Artisan Awards, or, when you reach higher levels in skills, you can choose between pouches of Artisan Awards and coins.


Fishing — Catching fish. The fish can be used in the Cooking profession.
Skinning — Skinning creatures you have killed. The produced meat can be used in the Cooking profession and the skin and hides are turned into leather that can be used in the Leatherworking profession.
Farming — Growing various crops on designated farming plots. The harvested materials can be used in Cooking and Tailoring.
Foraging — Picking fruits and other parts of plants, that can be consumed directly for health and energy or used in the Alchemy and Cooking professions.
Forestry — Cutting down trees and making them into planks which can be used in Weaponsmithing.
Prospecting — Mining ore and turning it into metal bars and ingots. The bars can be used in Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing, and ingots can be used in Jewelry.
Crystal Cutting — Mining quartz from deposits and turning it into gemstones that can be used in Jewelry.


Cooking — Cooking different food items that can be consumed for faster health and mana regeneration and various temporary stat boosts.
Leatherworking — Turning leather into leather armor (medium armor).
Tailoring — Turning cloth into cloth armor (light armor).
Alchemy — Mixing potions that grant instant health and energy and other stat boosts.
Weaponsmithing — Using metal bars and sometimes timber to create various weapons and shields.
Armorsmithing — Turning metal bars into metal armor (heavy armor).
Jewelry — Using metal ingots and gemstones to create amulets, charms, and rings, that all boost various stats when equipped.
Scribe - not implemented yet