"The Missing Patrol" is a level 8 quest.

Quest Path: Eldevin Army Path -> Culling the Plagued

Learn from: Major Rothar in the Eldevin Barracks basement after completing the quest [7] Cleansing the Sewers.


  1. Go to the Eldevin Sewers Level 2. Talk to Soldier Hixs
  2. Go to the Sewers Level 3, find and enter the Plant Room. Speak to Sarge.
  3. Return to Level 2, speak to Hixs
  4. Return to Level 3, kill Plagued Louts til you get a Broken Sword Hilt. Return to level 2 and speak to Hudsen
  5. Return to Major Rothar, give him the sword hilt
  6. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 1296 XP.

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